Saturday, August 15, 2009

Orientation Time

What a fantastic week.

I couldn't find my immunization records so I had to receive an MMR this past week to cover their requirements. The fun came when they offered me a Tetanus for free and I said sure. To say my arm is sore is an understatement.

Anyways, I have orientation on Monday to decide on what credits they are going to accept and what my schedule will look like. Kind of looking forward to that. I know this might sound weird, but I am really looking forward to learning again. I am a math and science guy so I kind of miss getting to learn physics and calculus and all that good stuff, but it will be here before I know it.

See you again after Monday.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And it Begins

I finally received notification that I was accepted to USC's Bachelor of Science program with a major in Biology. Nothing exciting to report yet. Now I get to try to find my immunization records from 20 years ago and attend orientation in a few weeks.

Oh, and I get to apply for financial aid. That's always a blast too.

Until then.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making a little progress...

Not much to report yet. I received notification that USC has received one of my transcripts but is still waiting on the other. I ordered them both the same day and the one they are missing is coming from a college only a state away but who knows.

Until they receive both they can't make a decision as to rather or not I get in.

See you again soon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Ever regret not living out your childhood dream?

I sure do. From the moment I was a kid until now, I am currently 33, I have always wanted to be a doctor. I even interned with a doctor when I was in high school through a special program out our school. But, when it came time to graduate high school and head to college, I took what I thought was the easy road.

You see, I came from a middle class family that certainly didnt have the money to send me to college so I embarked on a journey into the military, the Navy to be exact, in hopes of doing my 4 years and then letting them pay for all or at least part of my college. Everything was going great, actually better than great when after about a year in the Navy I got chosen for an NROTC full ride scholarship to USC, University of South Carolina. What a dream come true. Free college and even a stipend.

Then, part way through my sophomore year I came down with a crazy illness that was causing unexplained blackouts and anaphalaxis. This abruptly ended my college year and eventually led to a dischage from the military, who knew they didnt want people who would pass out unexpectedly.

Anyways, they eventually determined I was having a massive allergic reaction and I have since went on immunotherapy. Never did figure out exactly what I was so allergic to it caused anaphalaxis but I ended up being allergic to so much stuff that I went on immunotherapy for them all.

Fast forward to today, about 13 years later. I now have a very successful job in IT as a Senior Systems Engineer and have since went back to college and obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Information Technology.

However, I still feel unfilled and desire a career in medicine.

My wife has known for years that being a Dr. is what I really wanted in life so when I went to her a few weeks back to discuss the possibility of me going back to school, she was completely behind me. What a relief to have that kind of support.

So last Friday, June 26th, I submitted an application to USC, University of South Carolina, to begin ungraduate courses in the Fall of 2009 working toward a degree in Biology. While I am not required to have a Biology degree to enter medical school, I felt I should at least go back and start classes that would help prepare me for the competition of entering medical school and help me on my MCAT scores.

And thats where I stand today. I figured there are quite a few adults who are considering entering medical school or changing careers but there is very little information out there for us older learners. And now you have the purpose of this blog.

My goal is to keep this blog updated as I progress so you can follow my progress as well as see what I am going through. I will include the good and the bad and try to update it as soon as things change.

I checked my application status today and at the moment they are waiting on my transcripts from the other colleges I attended years ago. So until that is complete, I am in the waiting zone.

I will post an update as soon as I hear something.

I am also going to leave comments open so you can tell me what you think or offer any advice.

See you soon.

Clint Holland